About The Black Daggers

Black Daggers is a guild of loyal friends banded together since the conception of MMO's.

Established in 1995, Black Daggers has consistently been focused on Player vs Player combat, dominating in games like Meridian59, Ultima On-line, DAoC, World of Warcraft and many others.

Black Daggers has also shown it's abilities in PvE reaching end-game content in Everquest's large 100+ man raids and World of Warcrafts 40, 25, and 10 man raids through some of the latest content available.

In keeping with the rich history established by those that have come before, Black Daggers has set its mind to continue with the traditions set forth by establishing over 60 world first achievements in Beta and over 500 (yes 500!) in commercial all while and engaging in world PvP and Warfronts as much as possible.

Many of the Black Daggers members have been with the guild for several games and many years and continue to lend their gaming expertise to push the guild forward.  This type of tenure is not seen in most MMORPGs and Black Daggers is one of the oldest constant MMORPG guilds in existence.

The loyalty of the members has been tested and proven time and again so the motto of "Loyalty above all else" is truely exemplified with all members of the Black Daggers guild.

Black Daggers History